About Us

More than another marketing agency.

We build your brand organically.

We specialize in branding growing small to medium size alarm companies. We help you compete with the large companies at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing agencies. 

Meet our team

Our team is comprised of experienced alarm and integration specialists. Our executives have built everything from large regional player such as J&J Security to SS&Si Dealer Network which is now comprised of over 800 members. 

We are experienced marketing professionals that know how to bring awareness to a brand through organic growth. This allows companies to have the best long term ROI because they are not just paying for click or calls. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

Justin Voll

Justin grew up in the alarm industry. He started working full time in his dad's alarm company at 17. He was a quick learner when it comes to sales. During his college years Justin helped start SS&Si and built it to several hundred dealers. He started Alarm PR because he knew integrators needed a way to get organic leads. 

"Times are changing. Today 92% of consumers turn to online reviews when making a purchasing decision. 89% of businesses say they compete on their reputation yet they do nothing to encourage their customers online reviews. That's where we come in..."